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Why do people participate in clinical trials? There are several reasons why. One reason is there a significant percentage of people with a medical condition such as psoriasis who have tried and exhausted all possible treatment options. Either the treatment didn’t work at all or stopped working. Clinical trials offer a way for patients to try a new treatment option when all else has failed. In many instances, we have seen stubborn psoriasis or eczema disappear quickly in a trial after starting the investigation drug. Another reason why people enroll in clinical trials is lack of insurance coverage. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not have insurance or their insurance does not provide enough coverage for an ideal treatment due to cost. Besides researching and developing new drugs for FDA approval, CSI conducts research on drugs that are already FDA approved and out on the market. For example, some trials test to see how far the dosage of a medication can be spaced out. This allows using the minimal amount of drug while ensuring efficacy. Another purpose is to test a new formulation of an existing product such changing the concentration of the active ingredient or switching the vehicle from a cream to a spray. CSI is expanding its scope of research and development by entering into other specialties of medicine such as rheumatology, cardiovascular disease, urology, endocrinology, and others. Other potential areas of research that we are considering are stem cell research and genetic testing. We are excited by this new endeavor to improve your health and quality of life.

“By participating in clinical trials, we’re on the cutting edge of technology and know what’s on the forefront to treat various skin conditions. We understand the mechanisms of action for these drugs, know which ones work, and to an extent, their safety profiles. Any patient with or without health insurance can get study related medical care at no cost through participating in clinical trials.”

-Dr. Yamauchi, SkinCare-News.com

IClinical Science Institute has conducted numerous trials in rejuvenation. These have included cosmetic procedures such as Botox, new fillers to treat wrinkles, topical creams to reverse the aging process, and advanced laser procedures for skin tightening, acne scars, and to revitalize the skin.

The clinical trials that are conducted at Clinical Science Institute are performed to the highest standards. All efforts are made to ensure the trials are safe, precise, and ethical. All clinical trials are performed under the guidance of the principles of Good Clinical Practice and are under the auspices of an Institutional Review Board. Clinical Science Institute employs the best study coordinators to ensure the safety in these trials and maintain the highest level of satisfaction to our patients at our facility.

Why Participate in Research

Clinical research can change lives by helping find new or improved treatments. Because of willingness to get involved in studies, medications are available to those in need. Studies help answer questions about investigational medicines.

  • Help develop a future beneficial medicine

  • Receive close monitoring and access to care

  • Help find cures and treatments

If you are interested, please call (310) 828-8887 to find out what clinical trials are currently being conducted and to find out if you qualify to participate in these trials. In most instances, monetary compensation for time and travel may be provided to those who participate in clinical trials.